A cute and funny free cross stitch pattern in small size is what every cross-stitcher loves. As being interesting and quick to finish.
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FREE cross stitch pattern – Love Chemistry

When my friend asked me to suggest a free cross stitch pattern for beginners I showed her this design. She immediately loved the simple yet lovely design and color.This is a cute love chemistry cross stitch chart for any one to follow easily.

This pattern uses just 5 colors and full stitches, very easy and quick to finish. You can see the color symbol chart bellow or download the pdf file for clearer look and color palette.

Chemistry of Love free cross stitch pattern

You may take a look at another Chemistry of Love cross stitch pattern by Ritacuna at our website.

Chemistry of Love cross stitch pattern handmade funny gift friend family

This pattern is better stitched on 18 count fabric and can be an awesome gift for friends and family.