Yarn embroidery on linen bag
Embroidery ritacuna  

Yarn embroidery on linen bag

Yarn embroidery

Yarn embroidery is fast and simple. The colors and textures of the yarns are already beautiful and special so you don’t have to do much to create a beautiful thing. So I often design something simple to complement its rustic and vintage look.

However, yarn embroidery can be a little frustrating when you try to split yarns into smaller strands to embroidery as sometimes they are tightly twisted together. So it would help if you use the yarns that consist of a single strand or untwisted plies. 

Embroidered flowers on linen

I wanted to make a linen bag to store the left over bread. So I decided to put some simple embroidered flowers to make it lovelier. This vintage embroidered linen bag is inspired by the spring flowers in my garden including tulip, iris, and hyacinth. I embroidered on raw linen/cotton, which has quite a natural and rustic look.

Yarn embroidery on linen bag

Embroidery pattern

If you want to try on a similar project but with DMC floss, you can find the similar pattern of this embroidery here. It includes both embroidery pattern and a colored pattern, with adaptation to DMC floss. There are also detailed instructions and tips.

Spring Flowers embroidery pattern for beginner and intermediate level with some knowledge of embroidery stitches.